Wk6- Art Experience- Photowalk

For this weeks art experience, students were to go on a photo walk with one of the six leaders available. I chose to go on Maddy’s tour because it was the first one that I read it’s description of. For the first part of the walk, we went to the end of campus to see the leaves on the bushes cut into the letters CSULB. After, we took a shuttle bus down the hill because there was an empty one willing to take us to the Japanese Garden. Once we got to the Japanese Garden I was suprised how big it was because I’ve never been there. I thought it was cool how the whole garden was decorated and arranged. After the Japanese Garden, we walked to the pyramid to take pictures. The walk was pretty long but it was worth the last stop because my next class was in the Kin building. Overall, the photo walk was a cool art experience to participate in because it was different than the gallery visit and we got to knock off the assignment in class time. Maddy was a good, fun leader.


Wk5- Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

imageFor this weeks art experience, students were to choose which form of art they wanted to work with. This week, I chose to do cuisine because I enjoy food and was something that looked fun. I decided to work with fruit because I have seen many people create different decorations to present the fruit to others. I looked in my refrigerator and found different kinds of fruit like green apples, two different kinds of tangerines, red and green moscato grapes, and bananas. At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to create, so I started to mess with the fruit by cutting them in different forms. I thought to create a dolphin out of the bananas because they remind me of them. I put green grapes in their mouth as a ball or pearl. For the platform I used two tangerines to sit the dolphins head in them. I then cut them to put red grapes as a decoration. In the back, I used a green apple I cut and peeled as the platform. I then tried to cut the other tangerine in a design of a flower and sit it on top. Overall, the experience was fun because I got to work with fruit. Especially since I got to eat it after.

Wk5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Info Block

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Create A Single Entity

Media: Silver, Copper, Steel/Metal

Gallery: Gatov-East

Website: NA

Instragram: whipperton


For the third week of artists conversation, I visited Gatov-East gallery and saw Kristi Jensen discussing with a group of students, her work of art. Kristi Jensen is planning to graduate from CSULB next semester with a BFA in metal. Jensen has been working with metal now for over two years and is something she specializes in. Some fun facts is that she enjoys to cook, eat, drink wine, spend time with her family, and watch the show The Walking Dead. Jensen explained to the students that the amount of time it takes for her work varies on its complexity, but it takes approximately 3 weeks on average.

In this exhibition, Jensen presented artwork made up of metals such as steel, copper, and silver. All of her work is made of metal because she enjoys working with such material. Jensen explained that she enjoys working with silver because it is easier to form the structure of her artwork. Although she enjoys working with silver, Jensen still works with copper more because of its price. Copper is cheaper than silver, so it allows artist to utilize that material more because it’s easy availability. For Jensen to start her work, she sketches her design then creates a draft, which prepares her before she actually starts her piece.

Kristi Jensen explained to us that she does not favor what size her artwork is. Some are big, some are small, but the size does not matter to her. In this exhibition, her artwork varied in size, some jewlery were as small as an earring, while some were as big as a vase. One piece of art that I liked, was the vase-like piece of art (pictured below). The reason I enjoyed this work of art was because of its design. To me, this looked like a piece of art found in houses as decorations. One where you can place flowers in and it would look nice. Jensen explained that most of her work has bright colors and curved lines.

Overall, I liked the work Kristi Jensen presented in the exhibition. At first, I looked at the work of art and it immediately reminded me of decorations. This is a form of art that stands out because it’s shape, size, and perfect form. After hearing her talk to students, I thought about how hard and difficult it must be to work on these pieces. Having to make the structure balanced and symmetrical. I thought it was cool how she got into working with metals because she saw her grandfather work on TVs growing up. She told students that she created these pieces for school projects, but I think it’ll be good if she created something that she imagines or has an idea for.

Wk4- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing


For this weeks art experience, graffiti writing, I found this assignment to be fun. Growing up, I always use to see graffiti written almost everywhere on my block and I use to copy them because I thought some were creative. Some people view graffiti as vandalism, but others as art. Some of the taggings on the walls were gang related, but that’s not something I considered “graffiti.” Graffiti allows one to express their emotions on a wall and paint what’s on their mind. For this assignment, I did my graffiti writing late Sunday night after returning home from a basketball game. I decided to use some left over spray cans my friend had in the garage and I managed to write my name quick in the backyard. As you can see, it was dark outside and my only source of light was the neighbors balcony lights and my phones flashlight. I quickly wrote out my name with blue and green and outlined it with black.

Wk4- Classmate Conversation- Greg Plantenga

Greg Plantenga’s website: https://cashmoney2016.wordpress.com

For week 4 classmate conversation, I stumbled across Greg Plantenga while trying to listen to the artist at the gallery discuss his artwork. Before Thursday, I did not know who Greg was, but I learned a few things about him in the time we talked. On Thursday, I learned that Greg currently lives at Beverly apartments, but is from Livermore, CA and is a Business Marketing major here at CSULB. Furthermore, I learned that Greg enjoys playing basketball, going to the beach, and listening to music. His favorite genre of music is hip hop/rap and his favorite artist are Kanye and Jay Z. I think that is cool because I also like to play basketball and listen to rap music. His favorite sports team is the Chicago Bulls and his favorite shoe brand is Adidas. Greg also said that his favorite dish is Giordanos deep dish pizza. If he can visit any place in the world, he would go to Monte Carlo. Overall, I found Greg to be a cool dude and someone people should get to know.


Wk4- Artist Conversation- Samuel Jernigan

Info Block

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics, Paint, Sculptures, Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instragram: Samueljenri


For the the second week of artist conversation and gallery visit, students were able to visit different galleries and examine the art work. This week, only one artist was available for discussion and that was Samuel Jernigan. Jernigan is from Central California, the Bay Area, and just graduated from CSULB with a BFA in Ceramics. Jernigan has other interests aside from his artwork, such as playing the guitar and reading comics. For this exhibition, the Weight of Whimsy and Ideas, Jernigan presented artwork that he had worked on during his time here.

For his artwork, Jernigan uses clay/ceramic to build sculptures of the awkward feelings he has while working in them. Of the work presented in the gallery, they are inspired by abandoned toys from the flea market. All the sculptures that makes up this exhibition was created by Jernigan within a four month period. He also explained that at one point he was living in his car because a sculpture would consume up to 16 hours of work in a day. These sculptures are very creative and unique compared to others that have been seen in the galleries.

From the exhibition, one piece of art work that stood out to me was the fish with a big smile. The reason it stood out to me is because how Jernigan explained this sculpture and how it made him felt. Jernigan discussed with the students that at one point he was having a difficult time in life and was sad, but while creating this fish, he was seeing the fish smiling back at him. He explained that this piece of art has affected him a lot and this type of work is what I think is most interesting. Artwork should tell a story or represent the artist and show its true meaning.

After having viewed the exhibition and all of the work it consisted of, I thought it was a bit odd how some of the sculptures looked incomplete. The reason I felt this was beaver use they had toys or other figures representing the head of the sculpture. After having heard the artists discussion, my views changed. The reason is because I understood what drive him to create these sculptures and their true meaning. I liked the art works uniqueness and colorfulness. Overall, the work created by Samuel Jernigan was interesting and good. image


Wk3- Artist Conversation- Heather Jarrard

Info Block

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association

Media: Mixed media, beans, macaroni, hot glue

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: cobranoag

On Thursday, for the first time, the class was able to attend an art exhibition and have a conversation with an artist. This week, I met Heather Jarrard in the Standard 2.6 Art Exhibition. Just like her father, Heather Jarrard is an artist from Simi Valley, California and is currently an undergrad student in the Art Education program, which is a single major. Heather explained that she plans to teach art at a middle school or high school. Heather creates different forms of art such as 3D art and sculptures. Her speciality is utilizing metal and creating different forms and models, but tends to use other materials because it is less expensive. She creates her artwork from different ideas and likes to create art from different materials.

Heather Jarrard’s work of art, which is untitled, uses mixed media and materials such as beans and macaroni, put together with hot glue. These materials are used to create different forms of models. The beans used vary in color as they are brown, red, tan, and white. The different colored beans help create the model and makes her work of art more detailed. The different beans are usually hot glued according to color, as she seems to create different lines with them. In other models, she combines both beans with macaroni, which are either green or yellow. Her models are unique because the materials used can create different forms of structure. For example, on one model she used black beans to create the eyes of a goose. The sizes of these models are both small and big, as a wide range of sculptures were displayed.

Heather Jarrard created these models with beans and macaroni for different reasons. Heather explained to the students that her work of art represented the social issue of money. She went on to explain that California has the second lowest education budget in the United States. The average state budget for art supplies in the classrooms is $1.09 per student, but in California the average is only $0.24 per student. This showed how artists have to find other creative ways to showcase their ideas and why Heather used materials such as beans and macaroni. Due to the amount of budget they receive, teachers tend to buy materials with their own money, therefore they use cheap media. Heather utilized these materials because she wanted to create awareness for the budget crisis in art and because it shows how students still create artwork with what it available.

After having viewed Heathers work of art, I believed that it was meaningful and interesting at the same time. Her work of art shows how artist can still create these models even though they face obstacles of better and expensive materials. This shows how artist still use their ideas and creativity in their work. For Heather, I liked the idea of beans and macaroni because growing up students usually do a art project with these materials in grade school. It is the first experince I had with expressing my thoughts in the form of art in elementary. After having experienced my first artist conversation, I realized that the purpose of the artwork is what’s most important.





Wk3- Classmate Conversation- Julio Garcia


Julio Garcia’s Website: https://juliogarciasite.wordpress.com

For week 3 classmate conversation, I did not know who to interview, but I came across Julio Garcia while interviewing the artist. I did not know who Julio was before meeting him, but talking to him allowed me to learn a few things about him. This week, I learned that Julio is currently a Criminal Justice major and is interested in the court system. I thought this was cool because I plan to major in Criminal Justice as well. Furthermore, I learned that Julio is from Long Beach and graduated from Wilson High School. Some hobbies Julio enjoys participating in are soccer and hiking. He enjoys playing soccer and watching Manchester United play (who is his favorite sports team). I also learned that Julio’s favorite food is Mexican food. For music, Julio’s favorite genre to listen to is alternative rock and dislikes country music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are his favorite group.


Wk3- Art Experience- Snapchat

For week 3’s art experience, snapchat, students were to take pictures of the artwork found in the galleries and draw on them before posting them on our story. I found this assignment cool and easy because I usually draw on my snaps that I send to other people. For my first snap, I took a picture of the women with the red bandana covering her eyes and depicted her as a ninja turtle. I drew eyes on her, colored on a ninja turtle costume, and put the weapons the red ninja turtle, Raphael, uses on her back. I got this idea because I saw the red bandana she was wearing. For the second snap I posted, I decided to draw a red car in the middle of the street because I felt the painting needed some “life” in it. The painting itself is painted in dark, dry colors and the red vehicle seems to stand out. For my classmates pictures, I screenshot Jesus Viramontes snaps because I found them similar to mine. In his first image, he drew a turtle carrying the painting of the interior of a house. In his second photo, I see how he also added “life” to the image by drawing on a bike, sun, and another person. I found this art experience interesting and fun because I see how others view paintings and the ideas that come to mind when they see them.

Wk2- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

For this weeks art experience, I was excited about learning how to use plaster to cast a body part. Although I didn’t get to make the beach trip during class hours (due to another class), I had to improvise and make a trip to a local park. After returning home, I went to the park at night to make my plaster casting. At first, I struggled to prepare everything in process, but my friend ended up helping by mixing the plaster and dumping it. I positioned my hand flat into the hole thinking it will be easy for the plaster to settle and create the casting. After waiting, I realized that the position didn’t help out the casting of my hand. I returned home to see the casting because I couldn’t make a figure out of it in the dark and noticed that the top of three of my fingers were missing. As seen on the image, my pinky and thumb turned out fine, but the plaster filled in the gaps between my fingers. The detail of where each of my fingers were placed can be seen, but there is no space in between. Overall, the experience was fun because it was my first time using plaster and didn’t know what to expect out of my casting.