Wk2- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

For this weeks art experience, I was excited about learning how to use plaster to cast a body part. Although I didn’t get to make the beach trip during class hours (due to another class), I had to improvise and make a trip to a local park. After returning home, I went to the park at night to make my plaster casting. At first, I struggled to prepare everything in process, but my friend ended up helping by mixing the plaster and dumping it. I positioned my hand flat into the hole thinking it will be easy for the plaster to settle and create the casting. After waiting, I realized that the position didn’t help out the casting of my hand. I returned home to see the casting because I couldn’t make a figure out of it in the dark and noticed that the top of three of my fingers were missing. As seen on the image, my pinky and thumb turned out fine, but the plaster filled in the gaps between my fingers. The detail of where each of my fingers were placed can be seen, but there is no space in between. Overall, the experience was fun because it was my first time using plaster and didn’t know what to expect out of my casting.

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