Wk3- Art Experience- Snapchat

For week 3’s art experience, snapchat, students were to take pictures of the artwork found in the galleries and draw on them before posting them on our story. I found this assignment cool and easy because I usually draw on my snaps that I send to other people. For my first snap, I took a picture of the women with the red bandana covering her eyes and depicted her as a ninja turtle. I drew eyes on her, colored on a ninja turtle costume, and put the weapons the red ninja turtle, Raphael, uses on her back. I got this idea because I saw the red bandana she was wearing. For the second snap I posted, I decided to draw a red car in the middle of the street because I felt the painting needed some “life” in it. The painting itself is painted in dark, dry colors and the red vehicle seems to stand out. For my classmates pictures, I screenshot Jesus Viramontes snaps because I found them similar to mine. In his first image, he drew a turtle carrying the painting of the interior of a house. In his second photo, I see how he also added “life” to the image by drawing on a bike, sun, and another person. I found this art experience interesting and fun because I see how others view paintings and the ideas that come to mind when they see them.

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