Wk3- Artist Conversation- Heather Jarrard

Info Block

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association

Media: Mixed media, beans, macaroni, hot glue

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: cobranoag

On Thursday, for the first time, the class was able to attend an art exhibition and have a conversation with an artist. This week, I met Heather Jarrard in the Standard 2.6 Art Exhibition. Just like her father, Heather Jarrard is an artist from Simi Valley, California and is currently an undergrad student in the Art Education program, which is a single major. Heather explained that she plans to teach art at a middle school or high school. Heather creates different forms of art such as 3D art and sculptures. Her speciality is utilizing metal and creating different forms and models, but tends to use other materials because it is less expensive. She creates her artwork from different ideas and likes to create art from different materials.

Heather Jarrard’s work of art, which is untitled, uses mixed media and materials such as beans and macaroni, put together with hot glue. These materials are used to create different forms of models. The beans used vary in color as they are brown, red, tan, and white. The different colored beans help create the model and makes her work of art more detailed. The different beans are usually hot glued according to color, as she seems to create different lines with them. In other models, she combines both beans with macaroni, which are either green or yellow. Her models are unique because the materials used can create different forms of structure. For example, on one model she used black beans to create the eyes of a goose. The sizes of these models are both small and big, as a wide range of sculptures were displayed.

Heather Jarrard created these models with beans and macaroni for different reasons. Heather explained to the students that her work of art represented the social issue of money. She went on to explain that California has the second lowest education budget in the United States. The average state budget for art supplies in the classrooms is $1.09 per student, but in California the average is only $0.24 per student. This showed how artists have to find other creative ways to showcase their ideas and why Heather used materials such as beans and macaroni. Due to the amount of budget they receive, teachers tend to buy materials with their own money, therefore they use cheap media. Heather utilized these materials because she wanted to create awareness for the budget crisis in art and because it shows how students still create artwork with what it available.

After having viewed Heathers work of art, I believed that it was meaningful and interesting at the same time. Her work of art shows how artist can still create these models even though they face obstacles of better and expensive materials. This shows how artist still use their ideas and creativity in their work. For Heather, I liked the idea of beans and macaroni because growing up students usually do a art project with these materials in grade school. It is the first experince I had with expressing my thoughts in the form of art in elementary. After having experienced my first artist conversation, I realized that the purpose of the artwork is what’s most important.





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