Wk3- Classmate Conversation- Julio Garcia


Julio Garcia’s Website: https://juliogarciasite.wordpress.com

For week 3 classmate conversation, I did not know who to interview, but I came across Julio Garcia while interviewing the artist. I did not know who Julio was before meeting him, but talking to him allowed me to learn a few things about him. This week, I learned that Julio is currently a Criminal Justice major and is interested in the court system. I thought this was cool because I plan to major in Criminal Justice as well. Furthermore, I learned that Julio is from Long Beach and graduated from Wilson High School. Some hobbies Julio enjoys participating in are soccer and hiking. He enjoys playing soccer and watching Manchester United play (who is his favorite sports team). I also learned that Julio’s favorite food is Mexican food. For music, Julio’s favorite genre to listen to is alternative rock and dislikes country music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are his favorite group.


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