Wk4- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing


For this weeks art experience, graffiti writing, I found this assignment to be fun. Growing up, I always use to see graffiti written almost everywhere on my block and I use to copy them because I thought some were creative. Some people view graffiti as vandalism, but others as art. Some of the taggings on the walls were gang related, but that’s not something I considered “graffiti.” Graffiti allows one to express their emotions on a wall and paint what’s on their mind. For this assignment, I did my graffiti writing late Sunday night after returning home from a basketball game. I decided to use some left over spray cans my friend had in the garage and I managed to write my name quick in the backyard. As you can see, it was dark outside and my only source of light was the neighbors balcony lights and my phones flashlight. I quickly wrote out my name with blue and green and outlined it with black.

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