Wk4- Classmate Conversation- Greg Plantenga

Greg Plantenga’s website: https://cashmoney2016.wordpress.com

For week 4 classmate conversation, I stumbled across Greg Plantenga while trying to listen to the artist at the gallery discuss his artwork. Before Thursday, I did not know who Greg was, but I learned a few things about him in the time we talked. On Thursday, I learned that Greg currently lives at Beverly apartments, but is from Livermore, CA and is a Business Marketing major here at CSULB. Furthermore, I learned that Greg enjoys playing basketball, going to the beach, and listening to music. His favorite genre of music is hip hop/rap and his favorite artist are Kanye and Jay Z. I think that is cool because I also like to play basketball and listen to rap music. His favorite sports team is the Chicago Bulls and his favorite shoe brand is Adidas. Greg also said that his favorite dish is Giordanos deep dish pizza. If he can visit any place in the world, he would go to Monte Carlo. Overall, I found Greg to be a cool dude and someone people should get to know.


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