Wk5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Info Block

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Create A Single Entity

Media: Silver, Copper, Steel/Metal

Gallery: Gatov-East

Website: NA

Instragram: whipperton


For the third week of artists conversation, I visited Gatov-East gallery and saw Kristi Jensen discussing with a group of students, her work of art. Kristi Jensen is planning to graduate from CSULB next semester with a BFA in metal. Jensen has been working with metal now for over two years and is something she specializes in. Some fun facts is that she enjoys to cook, eat, drink wine, spend time with her family, and watch the show The Walking Dead. Jensen explained to the students that the amount of time it takes for her work varies on its complexity, but it takes approximately 3 weeks on average.

In this exhibition, Jensen presented artwork made up of metals such as steel, copper, and silver. All of her work is made of metal because she enjoys working with such material. Jensen explained that she enjoys working with silver because it is easier to form the structure of her artwork. Although she enjoys working with silver, Jensen still works with copper more because of its price. Copper is cheaper than silver, so it allows artist to utilize that material more because it’s easy availability. For Jensen to start her work, she sketches her design then creates a draft, which prepares her before she actually starts her piece.

Kristi Jensen explained to us that she does not favor what size her artwork is. Some are big, some are small, but the size does not matter to her. In this exhibition, her artwork varied in size, some jewlery were as small as an earring, while some were as big as a vase. One piece of art that I liked, was the vase-like piece of art (pictured below). The reason I enjoyed this work of art was because of its design. To me, this looked like a piece of art found in houses as decorations. One where you can place flowers in and it would look nice. Jensen explained that most of her work has bright colors and curved lines.

Overall, I liked the work Kristi Jensen presented in the exhibition. At first, I looked at the work of art and it immediately reminded me of decorations. This is a form of art that stands out because it’s shape, size, and perfect form. After hearing her talk to students, I thought about how hard and difficult it must be to work on these pieces. Having to make the structure balanced and symmetrical. I thought it was cool how she got into working with metals because she saw her grandfather work on TVs growing up. She told students that she created these pieces for school projects, but I think it’ll be good if she created something that she imagines or has an idea for.

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