Wk7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Info Block

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Final Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics, Cement, Rock Clay, Mason Stain

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

IG: @andreawilliammms

For this weeks artist conversation, many students approached Andrea Williams. Born and raised in Riverside, California, Andrea Williams grew up in a family of music and art. Andrea Williams is currently a undergraduate student in ceramics and is planning to graduate this semester. Some fun facts about Williams is that she can play the drums and used to play in a band. She is a mom of one child and is an animal lover (as she owns a dog, chicken, and a pig).

In her work, Andrea Williams utilized rock clay, ceramics, mason stain, and cement. Her work of art is in the form of a sculpture/mural representing themes she strongly feels about. The work is life-size and has warm tone colors, not presenting much life. What is unique about her work is the bumpy structure. Usually artists tend to smooth out the surface of their work, but her hands are visible on her work. Williams claimed that she does this because she wants people to see that it’s handmade and that she was there. Williams also describes her work as religious but twisted, textural, and handmade.

In this exhibition, Andrea Williams represents themes of sacrifice, motherhood/womanhood, and religion. In her sculptures/murals, one can see many figures of women without clothes being depicted in a religious way. In one sculpture, she has a bare skinned woman crucified as if she were Jesus Christ. I think this is something she uses to send a message because it makes others think about her work. She explained to students that people ask “what is art?” and “what can and cannot be depicted in art?”. I felt that this is something she prides herself on because she doesn’t let anything stop her from making art that is important to her.

Overall, I felt that her work was interesting and thoughtful. So far this year, I have not viewed art of this form because others work have been more about the art itself. I feel that the important part of Williams work is not how the art looks, but the message it sends to viewers. The form and style of her art is one I can imagine hanging in a church, as it reminded me of the images one can find during mass. Ultimately, I liked having a conversation with Andrea Lauren Williams because it helped me understand her point of view of “what art is”.

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