Wk9- Moonphase Alpha- Bupkus Ewing


Hello everyone, I am Bupkus Ewing, from the planet of Blov. Back home in Blov, I was a professional basketball player and the leader of my team. I was getting ready to travel to my game when I was suddenly sucked into a black hole in space. I awakened and noticed I was somewhere I have never heard or seen before. I was told I was now on Moonphase Alpha and I contributed to the community for taking me in. I offer the people of Moonphase Alpha leadership, strength, and unity. I am helpful around the plant as I do the work no one else can with my height and strength.


This is Frizallina Pizzalini, who is a chef here on Moonphase Alpha. I always go down to where she makes pizza to eat, since it’s my favorite food. Aside from her, I think I can eat the most amount.


Xante is another person I got to meet on my first day here. She came to Moonphase Alpha to help the community, as I do now. She is a source of entertainment for everyone as she is a great singer and performs at night.


Raven is another person who helped me get started here at Moonphase Alpha. Raven is spunky, adventuorous, and helpful around the community.


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