Wk11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

Compared to other weeks art experiences, this week was a bit different due to a guest artist, Marta Troya. For this weeks art experience, we participated in an experience known as turning pages. This experience was a bit odd at first but after having understood its purpose and being able to answer the questions provided, I understood it. Turning pages showcases that people can document such experiences by taking photos or writing about it. Pictures and words can capture an experience because those who were not there can truly understand what occurred by photos and a detailed description. Depending on the person, the type of words and images used to document these experiences might matter, but in general they help document events that are worth remembering. Turning pages taught me that we can capture other experinces by enjoying it rather than taking images (like the library). The act of taking pictures to capture an experience can both help the experience or take away from it, depending on its cause. For example, meeting a famous athlete one looks up to can be helpful with a picture because it is a experience they’d want to be able to view again. On the other hand, taking pictures because you have to (like in a project or assignment) can take away from an experience because we are only doing it to get it over with.

Overall, the idea of turning pages was fun because it is something we have not done this semester. We started by going to the library and picking up children books to discuss it with others in the class. The second part of the experiences took places in the bookstore where we were able to visit different parts of it. The big difference between the two was that we were allowed to take images in the bookstore, unlike the library. I had more fun in the library because we were all together in the waiting room, reading in an area where it was not allowed.

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