Wk12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Info Block:

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: Gatov Gallery West
Website: none
Instagram: none

For this weeks artist comversation, I approached Jennifer Chen who was giving a discussion about her work of art to a group of students. I decided to go hear about her art because I usually visit the Gatov Gallery West. Jennifer Chen is currently a student here at CSULB, who plans to graduate after the semester is over. Chen specifically works on printmaking, as it was not what she originally planned on doing when she got here. Chen formerly majored in biology, but changed it to pursue other interests she had. Now that she works with printmaking, she plans to teach it after she graduates.

After hearing about her artwork, I found out that Chen works with printmaking and adding her style/touch to other images she finds. With the use of printmaking, Chen is able to add colors and graphics that she envisions when looking at these images. Chen explained that the size of her artwork varies. The ones presented in the exhibition were fairly large, which she adds that it helps observers notice the details. Bigger pieces of printmaking requires more detail, as it is a big concept of the art itself. Although I previously knew about printmaking, Chen described the work to be lengthy because there are steps to making the work. Artist have to wait for the stages to continue on the next.

When describing her work, Chen said that she puts the concept of destruction in her work of art. In her work, one can see that the trees are different in the images. Some seem to be clearer and more detailed than others, while the others are smeared in paint (as if destroyed). I think this shows the difference in nature and one can visualize it in the real world. Chen also explained that she makes a connection between us and the nature around us, and how we play a major role in it.

Overall, I really enjoyed the work created by Jennifer Chen in this exhibition. Primarily, I walked into the exhibition and did not notice the painting that had been done over it. At first glance, it looked like it was an image, but after hearing her conversation with students about how she utilizes printmaking, I understood it more. Ultimately, I enjoyed viewing her artwork and understanding the meaning behind the concepts she portrayed.

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