Wk14- Art Experience- Drawing in the Garden

For this weeks art experience, the class had to go to the Japanese Garden instead of the galleries to draw sketches of the garden. For the assigment, we had to draw six sketches, in which three are representative and three are abstract. For the three representative I concentrated on the garden and the pond. I put more details into my sketches. For the abstract, I basically sketched quickly and never lifted my pencil off the paper. This was easier because I kept drawing other lines over the ones I messed up on, which then added detail to them. For these drawings, I drew quick lines in forms of leaves for the trees and bushes in the garden. What was difficult in the assignment was drawing the animals in the pond because once you looked back at them, they were no longer in the same spot. This made it more fun as it took memorization for me to continue my sketch. Overall, I loved this assignment because we got to spend times outside of the gallery and got to sketch at the Japanese Garden.

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