Wk15- Artist Convo- Nancy Young

Info Block:

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Flies

Media: paper, ink, transparencies, litho stone

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: none

For this weeks artist conversation, I had the opportunity to hear the context and background of Nancy Young’s work. She plans to graduate from CSULB this year as she majors in printmaking. She mentioned to students that she attend the university when she was younger, but stopped due to her grades and personal issues such as being bipolar. Now that Nancy has returned to school, she utilizes what she learns from her classes to make her work better and last (be looked upon in the future) rather than the money it makes. Nancy currently works in OC as a programmer.

For her exhibition, “As the Crow Flies,” Nancy decided to name it this because she traveled around So Cal for the classes, exhibitions, and workplaces she’s attended in her time. When looking at her work of art, I also noticed that she depicted the figure of a crow in some of her pieces. Looking at the exhibition she set up, her work consisted of different contexts and images she depicted in her work. Her work also varied in sizes which showed her versatility to work in small or bigger canvas and still be able to get her work across to the viewers. As printmaking is a timely form of art, one can tell these pieces took awhile to make, due to the levels/steps one must complete for printmaking.

When looking at her artwork, one can see the work Nancy has put into her work. One thing that she mentioned to the students was that she was grateful for another chance to attend school and now she was going to graduate with a BFA in printmaking. The work she has put up in the gallery resemble the art she wants to last in the future as she mentioned before. Most of her work vary in context, yet most had the idea of nature in it. For example, one piece had a tree, another had a crow, and another had the sky and a bridge. She likes using black, grey and white in her work.

Overall, I liked the idea of Nancy’s work and the way each had its own main image. I enjoyed more the story behind her work and why she continues to strive for her art. She returned to school and was able to finish because her love for art, which should tell students something. Ultimalty, I really enjoyed this convo as my last for Art110 class and enjoyed the semester.

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