Wk15- Classmate Convo- Vanessa Betancourt

For this weeks artist conversation, I met Venessa Betancourt, who I did not know prior to Thursday’s class meeting. From our small conversation, I got to know a lot about her interests and what she likes. Vanessa is from Bellflower, where she commutes from. She is currently a first year social work major, which she plans to use in order to do office work or to be in charge of cases. Some of her hobbies include hiking, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. Vanessa’s favorite color is burgundy. Her biggest fear is not succeeding. The first thing she notices about people are their eyes and smile. Something we have in common is that we both like Italian food and music in general (aside from country). Her favorite artist is J Cole. If Vanessa can travel anywhere in the world, she said she would like to visit Italy. One thing on her bucket list is getting a full tattoo sleeve. Overall, it was cool getting to know Vanessa because we share some interests and I found out we take Hist 173 before this art class. Vanessa’s website: https://vanessabetancourt.wordpress.com


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