Wk10- Classmate Conversation- Jerry Pleitez

For this weeks classmate conversation, I was able to get to know Jerry more. Prior to this week, I knew Jerry from past classes, but I did not know much about him. This week I learned that Jerry graduated from Paramount HS and lives in Downey, where he commutes to school from. Jerry is currently in business management. Some of Jerry’s hobbies include playing sports, going out, and trying out new foods. His favorite food is tacos with a horchata and his favorite sports team is Barcelona. A fun fact about Jerry is that he is very outgoing and likes to talk and meet new friends. Some things Jerry wants to cross off his bucket list include visiting different countries, owning many sports cars, and graduating college. He takes this class because he enjoys art and wanted to experience it in college. Jerry seems like a cool, chill dude to get to know, check out his website: https://jerrypleitez26.wordpress.com



Wk10- Art Experience- Instagram

For this weeks art experience, students were to take photos and tag #art110s16 to it to showcase them to the rest of the class. One thing I noticed in the posts of other students was that most were posting pictures of their animals, food, nature, or art. I posted two pictures of my dogs, Kali and Russell (which are the two pictures on the top left corner). Overall, I enjoyed this art experience because it was not only simple, but fun to view other students posts. I like how one can see some interests others have outside of the classroom and connect with others through social media apps such as Instagram.


Wk9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Info Block

Artist: Sean Joy

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals, Silver, Copper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

For this weeks artist conversation, I got to understand the work of art Sean Joy makes. Joy is currently an undergrad and in her last semester. She is part of the metals program here at CSULB and this was the first time she gets to showcase her work in these galleries. Previously living in Los Angeles, Joy now lives in Long Beach. Some interests Sean Joy has aside from art are video games, cats, and reading. Joy shared with students that originally she came to CSULB for creative writing, but changed it during orientation when she had the opportunity. Joy now works with metals and specializes in it.

In her artwork, Sean Joy utilizes metal, which she specializes in. She likes to use metals such as copper and silver. When looking at her work, I thought it was a gallery of artwork from different artists. The reason that I thought this was because they each varied in texture and context. There were a variety of different pieces and this shows the versatility of her art. What I did notice was that all the work had smooth texture and was neatly defined. Her work did not have much color, as the copper and silver stands out from the work.

In Joy’s work, one can see the details she used and how it shapes her artwork. Joy explained to the students that patience is key in creating art. The method of creating a piece is lengthy and time conserving. It is important to be patient because it allows the artist to create the work how they want it to be. It took Joy to be patient to create all this work for the gallery. She also explained that she likes to add her sense of humor as much as possible into her work when she can. Context and the discussion people have of art is important.

Overall, when looking at her work of art, I was interested to finding out the concept behind her art. I liked the necklaces, finger band, and other pieces she created (like the black piece on the right). What I was surprised to see was the piece of art in the form of a penis. I just didn’t expect it going into the gallery, but her work was well detailed and interesting.

Wk9- Classmate Conversation- Erick Diaz


For this week classmate conversation, I got to know Erick Diaz more. Before Thursday, I talked to him but I didn’t know much about him. Erick is a second year business marketing major here at CSULB. Prior to CSULB, he graduated from Bellflower highschool, where he played football. Erick currently lives in Bellflower and commutes to class. He is also in Delta Chi, which I thought was pretty cool because I have a friend who is also in that fraternity. Erick likes to hang out with friends and do freelance photography in his free time. Some interests we share are that we both like Rap music, Italian food, and clothes and shoes. His favorite artists are Kanye West. Erick’s favorite sports teams are Lakers, Cowboys, and Dodgers. One thing in his bucket list is visiting Japan, which I think is cool. Erick seems like a cool, chill dude who people should get to know.

Wk9- Moonphase Alpha- Bupkus Ewing


Hello everyone, I am Bupkus Ewing, from the planet of Blov. Back home in Blov, I was a professional basketball player and the leader of my team. I was getting ready to travel to my game when I was suddenly sucked into a black hole in space. I awakened and noticed I was somewhere I have never heard or seen before. I was told I was now on Moonphase Alpha and I contributed to the community for taking me in. I offer the people of Moonphase Alpha leadership, strength, and unity. I am helpful around the plant as I do the work no one else can with my height and strength.


This is Frizallina Pizzalini, who is a chef here on Moonphase Alpha. I always go down to where she makes pizza to eat, since it’s my favorite food. Aside from her, I think I can eat the most amount.


Xante is another person I got to meet on my first day here. She came to Moonphase Alpha to help the community, as I do now. She is a source of entertainment for everyone as she is a great singer and performs at night.


Raven is another person who helped me get started here at Moonphase Alpha. Raven is spunky, adventuorous, and helpful around the community.


Wk8- Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

For this weeks art experience, students had to get with another person and try out the idea of automatic drawing. To start the assignment, I placed a sheet on the dinner table and told a friend of mine to do it with me. At first we were fooling around and laughing at the idea, but we wanted to get it done. While we were doing it, we were trying our hardest to keep it serious and not let the pen get off the paper (or it would’ve gotten on the table). I was waiting to see what we did, so I did not know what to expect. After opening my eyes I thought what we created was pretty cool and not to bad.


Wk8- Artist Conversation- Bri Joy

Info Block

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merged

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @bri.joy

For this weeks artist conversation, I went up to the group of students Brianna Joy talked to. Brianna Joy is an undergraduate student here at CSULB, planning to graduate this year with her BFA.  Joy is from a small town and moved into a bigger city, Long Beach, which influenced her and the work she does. Originally, Joy started school at Orange Coast College, but transferred and is now getting a degree in screen printing. Aside from working on her art pieces, some stuff Joy enjoys to do is play sports amd participate in yoga.

As a student pursuing screen printing, Brianna Joy primarily works with the style of lithograph, which makes her work have a smooth surface. Although it has a smooth surface, she utilizes a compressor in order to add texture. The color scheme seen in her printmaking is black and white, which she uses most. The combination of these concepts allows her work to become as realistic as possible and make it look ideal to what she imagines it as. The time required for screen printing is lengthy, as it requires artist to go through different stages to create their piece. Print making requires different layers that make up the lines and context of the artist’s work.

Brianna Joy creates her work with the experiences that she has been through. As a girl from a small town, who now lives in a bigger city, she utilizes this idea in her work. She called it “merging” because it tells a story of her past combined with the present. This work is made up of where she started and where she stands. I like this idea in her artwork. Merging is also a concept necessary to make the artwork she does. A combination of layers is the idea of “merging” and its ties in with her past and present “merging.”

Overall, I wanted to hear the idea behind Bri Joy’s artwork because I thought it looked cool. I have seen others do screen printing, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in this years gallery visits. I like the way lines can be utilized to make very distinct images and portray different things. In one piece, I really enjoyed the women looking over her shoulder because the concept of lines can create a nice background and still make her hair standout from it.


Wk7- Art Experience-Group Video

For this weeks art experience, students were required to make a group video of any theme that came to mind. My group included Vanessa, Jerry, and Reuben. This group was created by us just walking around asking others if they had worked on their video. We decided to knock it out following the artist conversation and we came up with the theme Art Creates Friendships. We think this is the case because without the gallery visits and classmates conversations, most of us would never been able to meet each other or introduce ourselves. I think this class is unique because it requires students to go out and meet others. http://youtu.be/d5pLwSHPJpU

Wk7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Info Block

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Final Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics, Cement, Rock Clay, Mason Stain

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

IG: @andreawilliammms

For this weeks artist conversation, many students approached Andrea Williams. Born and raised in Riverside, California, Andrea Williams grew up in a family of music and art. Andrea Williams is currently a undergraduate student in ceramics and is planning to graduate this semester. Some fun facts about Williams is that she can play the drums and used to play in a band. She is a mom of one child and is an animal lover (as she owns a dog, chicken, and a pig).

In her work, Andrea Williams utilized rock clay, ceramics, mason stain, and cement. Her work of art is in the form of a sculpture/mural representing themes she strongly feels about. The work is life-size and has warm tone colors, not presenting much life. What is unique about her work is the bumpy structure. Usually artists tend to smooth out the surface of their work, but her hands are visible on her work. Williams claimed that she does this because she wants people to see that it’s handmade and that she was there. Williams also describes her work as religious but twisted, textural, and handmade.

In this exhibition, Andrea Williams represents themes of sacrifice, motherhood/womanhood, and religion. In her sculptures/murals, one can see many figures of women without clothes being depicted in a religious way. In one sculpture, she has a bare skinned woman crucified as if she were Jesus Christ. I think this is something she uses to send a message because it makes others think about her work. She explained to students that people ask “what is art?” and “what can and cannot be depicted in art?”. I felt that this is something she prides herself on because she doesn’t let anything stop her from making art that is important to her.

Overall, I felt that her work was interesting and thoughtful. So far this year, I have not viewed art of this form because others work have been more about the art itself. I feel that the important part of Williams work is not how the art looks, but the message it sends to viewers. The form and style of her art is one I can imagine hanging in a church, as it reminded me of the images one can find during mass. Ultimately, I liked having a conversation with Andrea Lauren Williams because it helped me understand her point of view of “what art is”.

Wk6- Art Experience- Photowalk

For this weeks art experience, students were to go on a photo walk with one of the six leaders available. I chose to go on Maddy’s tour because it was the first one that I read it’s description of. For the first part of the walk, we went to the end of campus to see the leaves on the bushes cut into the letters CSULB. After, we took a shuttle bus down the hill because there was an empty one willing to take us to the Japanese Garden. Once we got to the Japanese Garden I was suprised how big it was because I’ve never been there. I thought it was cool how the whole garden was decorated and arranged. After the Japanese Garden, we walked to the pyramid to take pictures. The walk was pretty long but it was worth the last stop because my next class was in the Kin building. Overall, the photo walk was a cool art experience to participate in because it was different than the gallery visit and we got to knock off the assignment in class time. Maddy was a good, fun leader.